Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weigh day

Its weigh in wednesday again today which is crazy because I feel like the last week (and pretty much the whole summer) has flown by! Anyways before I get to that, here's the highlights from my last couple days.

Yesterday instead of an exercise class I went to work out at the gym with my friend Jen. She likes to do a lot of weights for the different muscle groups so when I wanna do some toning I like to go with her. I wore my new asics running sneakers that I just bought and I'm excited to run a lot more in them. The day I got them (I think Monday) I eagerly went on the treadmill and ran/walked 2 miles.  They were pretty comfy but I made a mistake of wearing short short socks and by the end of the 2 miles the back of my foot was rubbing on the shoes. I got a little blister and now it hurts :( which makes it harder to wear shoes and do exercise. So I guess I have to wear in the shoes a little more and wear the right socks before I can get total satisfaction from them. So back to working out with Jen we did 30 minutes of cardio and then weights for the shoulder/chest area. I'm pretty weak in the shoulders so I am definitely feeling sore today. There are good and bad parts about going to the gym with Jen. The good is that she stays there for a long time and does a lot of different things. The bad part is that she goes to the gym around 6/6:30 so by the time we leave I am always starving for dinner! It's weird: when we were in the gym I wasn't hungry at all and immediately when we stepped outside of the gym my stomach started growling. haha.

Today I started the morning with my Cardio Mix class. It was pretty good as usual but even more brutal in the weights section because of my workout with Jen the previous night. Every week when I go to the class I notice mostly the same faces who also go the the class on a weekly basis but I never really talk to anyone. Today at the end of the class one woman who goes weekly to the class who I have never spoken to before came up to me and said "you are really looking good lately!" That comment really made my day because my hard work has paid off enough for even strangers to have seen a difference! I was so happy and I even shared that meeting at the weight watchers meeting later in the day.

Speaking of weight watchers I lost 0.8 lbs this week.  Not too much but it did bring my total up to 30.4 lbs lost!! Yay to reaching 30 and I'm now looking forward to 40!

Till next time,

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  1. Congrats!! Sounds like you are well on your way to -40!!