Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Slum Day

I haven't written in a few days because nothing has really happened worth talking about. The highlight of the last few days exercise wise was on friday when I did a treadmill running workout.  I was planning to do 1 mile running so I covered the time and distance meter with my towel so I wouldn't be constantly thinking about it.  When I felt I was coming upon a mile I took the towel off and was pleasantly surprised to see I had passed a mile!!  I wasn't totally out of fuel so I kept running and I went 1.5 miles and 17 minutes straight running! I've never done that before!! YAYYY!

Today I went to my step class and maybe I was still tired or not feeling it as much today because it was harder for me to get through it than usual.  I was very happy when it was over but I still enjoy going to it because I always leave feeling like I really worked hard.  I haven't done much else today and I'm just sitting around the house trying to stay out of the kitchen so I don't keep thinking about eating.  I tend to eat more when I'm bored so today has been kind of hard but I think I've done alright. Now I'm off to babysit for the night so I'll get out of the house and get money!

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