Thursday, November 29, 2012

long time no see

Hey bloggers!

I have been MIA for a while mainly because of school but lets be real..I have had plenty of time that I could have come on and done a little update here and there.  I have been slowly getting out of my good exercise and diet routine and one of the first parts of that I think was when I stopped writing here.  I have been doing pretty good overall since I last blogged.  I now weigh 191.8 (out of the 200s :)!!) and have lost 58.2!!  I can definitely see the changes now and I'm happy about that.  I even have some size 14 jeans now...and when I started in the summer I was really a size 20 but trying to squeeze into my size 18s.  Now I have a pile collecting of things that aren't even wearable anymore. 

I'm really happy with all this success but I'm not done yet.  My weight watchers goal is 170 so I still have about 20 lbs to lose.  Lately the weight has been coming off really slowly compared to summertime and that is discouraging to me. Up until about 2 weeks ago I was still losing, but at a slow pace..which is fine.  Two weeks ago I gained .4 and today at my WW meeting I gained 2.4 post thanksgiving weekend.  I was very sad at the meeting especially listening to the other members discuss how they were successful and made it through the week.  I confess that I pretty much went totally off plan for thanksgiving and the days at home that followed.  I still was fitting in some workouts so thats good but it was not compensating.  I was pretty good with the thanksgiving food but its that dang dessert that got me!  and the meal was at our house so we had all the leftovers sitting around staring me in the face!!  ahhhhhhhh!  Thanksgiving was great though because I saw all my family and none of them have seen me since at least the beginning of the summer when I was at my heaviest (60lbs larger).  Everyone gave me tons of compliments and noticed my changes.  I enjoyed the attention haha!

Anyways, I am back at school and am dedicated to sticking to plan, exercising, and getting back to my normal routine.  This will be hard as we are about to enter finals and life will get crazy but hopefull

Friday, September 7, 2012

football tailgating and weigh in

I can't believe its been another whole week! Time goes by so fast! UF had its first gator football game this weekend..luckily we won! Our team is not the best this year so I'm not sure how many more wins there will be.  Football games are really hard to stay on track eating wise for many reasons. Mainly the tailgate.  We went to our friend's apartment where they were tailgating for the game playing drinking games.  I probably had more beer than I should have..whoops :) We ended up staying there till it was time to go to the game and completely skipped lunch.  I guess I was still full from the beer so it wasn't that bad but luckily I brought an apple with me so I had something to eat on the walk to the stadium.  It was a 3:30 pm game and EXTREMELY hot in the stadium...we only lasted until less than halftime before we were so exhausted we had to leave.  I probably sweat off a lot of that beer while in the stadium..not kidding. So it wasn't a totally off diet day but definitely one that I did not fully follow my plan.
Go gators!
That is pretty much the only interesting thing I did this week but I did have a really successful gym session yesterday!  After class I had time before my weight watchers meeting at night so maybe I was extra motivated.  I was able to run for 15 minutes without stopping and about 1.5 miles!  I usually don't go this far before stopping so I was happy.  Then after that I went on the stairmaster at a higher level than I usually do for 15 minutes. I was dripping sweat at the end and felt good and exhausted at the same time.

Yesterday night I went to weight watchers and it was a good meeting.  Everyone was talking about all the successes they have had and what works for them and it was very enjoyable.  I really thought I wasn't going to lose a lot or any weight this week due to the football game and a few other questionable decisions but I lost 2.6 lbs!  So close to breaking that 50 lb loss now! I am looking better and feeling better every week now!  It is really noticeable in my clothing now..a lot of my clothes are loose and actually too loose to even wear anymore!  It is so weird!

All in all I've had a great week and I hope you have too!

Have a good weekend!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekly update with pictures!

I've been pretty busy now that school has started again but I'm gonna try and at least do a weekly update, hopefully more if anything interesting happens. 

So as far as school, in my anatomy class we started doing cadaver lab which happens twice a week.  It was kinda freaky when we first walked in and saw the bodies but once we got started cutting it wasn't that bad..actually kinda cool! I'm sure a lot of people can not imagine this statement actually being true but it was for me! Also I had that class where I was afraid because we were gonna have to take our shirts off.  It wasn't that bad because the teacher wanted us to practice our draping skills so I was able to wear a hospital gown and wasn't fully exposed from the waist up minus the sports bra.  I know we will probably not be using the draping too much but at least I am able to ease into this new kind of learning.

My exercise and diet routine have changed somewhat since going back to school.  It is definitely harder to make myself go exercise after being in a full day of classes. Even harder to make meals for myself. Hardest to wake up extra early in the morning and actually eat a good breakfast while also making a healthy lunch to take to school with me.  I've been doing pretty good with it so far but I'm nervous for later in the semester when the work starts piling on and it is much more tempting to stop the exercise and healthy eating.

As for exercise I have been trying out some of the group exercise classes offered at the UF gym.  I went to Zumba with two different instructors but I wasn't too happy with either one.  I think since I had such great classes over the summer, it's hard to like these since I dont think they are as good.  I have also been doing a lot of treadmill and stairmaster.  I am trying to get better with running but I can't seem to make myself run more than a mile! I need to get outside and run but it has been raining almost every day and it is super hot when its not!  Winter come faster!!

My last update for the week is my weekly weigh in which was yesterday.  I was kind of disappointed in the new weight watchers meeting last week but this week it was better so that was good.  What was also good was that I lost 2.6 lbs for a total of 45 lbs exactly!! So exciting!  I was happy to reach another 5 pound mark.  Later I went with friends to the country bar in town and it was fun.  I ran into a friend from classes last year in the bathroom there and we only spoke for about 10 seconds but she said I looked really good and I was happy!  I love getting all the compliments :-)

I haven't put many pictures but here are a couple that I have taken since being back at school and one at the bottom from the end of last semester before summer:

Me with the HUGE drink I got on South Beach that I talked about a few posts ago

Most recent picture from 8/24/12

Me on the right before starting Weight Watchers over the summer

Friday, August 24, 2012

classes and new weigh in meeting

Hey all!

I've had a pretty good first week of classes.  It hasn't been that hard to wake up for all the early days but I'm sure that won't last long. The classes have been interesting and I found out that in my functional anatomy lab where we are learning to palpate (feel for) the bony landmarks of the body we are all going to have to take our shirts off! So I will only be in a sports bra and shorts in front of 50 of my peers! It will definitely be embarrassing and I will feel self-concious the first time but hopefully I'll get used to it.  It will be even worse that not only will my shirt be off but my classmates will be feeling around my body.  Its hard to explain why we have to do this but yup we do. On the first day of class we had this lab and we were dressed professionally instead of the usual dress code which is gym shorts and shirt.  So the teacher didnt make the girls take off their shirts but he encouraged the guys to do so if they wanted to. We had to feel around the shoulder blade and locate different parts of the bone.

Anyways, since I moved up to gainesville I have to join the weight watchers up here.  I went to the first meeting yesterday and it was definitely a different feel than the meeting at home.  I like the one at home better but hopefully I like this one the more I go.  But I did like my weigh in this week....I lost 4 lbs!!  So now my total loss is happy to be past the 40 mark!  Only 9 more lbs until exciting things..50 lbs lost and I'll be under the 200s!! 

Now I'm off to start my first weekend in gainesville with all the party animal college students :)

have a good weekend!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy picture!!

So I had my PT orientation today and it went pretty good! Everyone is really friendly and we are all just starting to get to know each other but I think it will definitely be an interesting 3 years! I mainly wanted to post to just show this picture I took of my new student ID next to one from 2009.  I have only been losing weight since may but I had pretty much been maintaining that 2009 picture weight or I was probably higher by the start of weight watchers in may.

and its the first student ID picture I actually approve! (and this is my 4th UF ID)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Move in and first meal

So I'm officially in my new apartment and loving it so far!  I still have a long way to go as far as decorating and organizing my room but its coming along nicely.  Today after my parents left there was a pool party/potluck that some other first years in my program organized. By the way I'm going to school for physical therapy and have orientation tomorrow!  I was pretty nervous about it being a pool party because I didn't want to have to get in my bathing suit in front of a bunch of people I don't know yet.  Although I've lost a pretty good amount of weight so far and see some changes, I still don't feel comfortable presenting myself to the people I'm gonna be spending the next 3 years with in a bathing suit.  Luckily for me, it started raining right about the time the party was supposed to start hahahaah. So everyone quickly changed plans and we had an indoor meet and greet instead.  It was fun and everyone was really nice so I'm excited to get started.

When I was home for summer, my mom cooked pretty much all my dinners so now I have to get back in the habit of cooking.  I know keeping up my healthy cooking will be harder when school starts but I had a pretty good start tonight.  I made tilapia with sugar snap peas and a sweet was yummy :). I also got my workout in today before dinner.  A great part about being back at school is the amazing gym that UF has!! There are sooo many different types of cardio machines and the machines are really high tech.  Each cardio machine has an individual tv on it and you can connect your ipod to the machine and pick songs from the touch screen.  Some machines even have little fans you can turn on!  You can also set the screen to look like you are biking or running through a city or other setting. Overall its the best and I'm excited to take full use of it.

Not sure how weigh in is gonna go this week since I've been kinda off diet during the move in but I'm gonna try and be really on track until thursday..which will now be my weigh in day instead of wednesday due to my class schedule.

Have a good week!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday weekend craziness

So I wanted to blog earlier in the week to talk about my eventful weekend but I've been pretty busy packing all my stuff cause I'm moving back up to Gainesville on Saturday to start grad school! It's crazy and I'm trying to enjoy my last week of freedom while getting everything ready for the move.

But anyways, like I said previously my friend's 22nd birthday was Friday and some of our friends came down to south florida to celebrate for the weekend. We were planning on going to the beach on friday but there was tons of rain so we stayed in and just hung out for most of the day.  At night we went to Cowboys, which is a country club that recently opened up.  It was ladies night (get in free and drink free) so sounded good to us. It was fun but some of my alcoholic friends were not happy that they couldn't take their drinks on the dance floor like they can at the country bar in gainesville.  I stuck to rum and diet cokes through the night and felt good about that choice.

On Saturday we woke up late and ventured to South Beach for the day and luckily it was nice and sunny.  We headed straight to find a place for lunch and drinks and found a little cafe with 5.99 meals and 2 for 1 drinks.  Of course my friends were all over this..the only problem for me was the food choices for 5.99 were very limited and included things such as fried shrimp, pizza, hamburgers, and stuff I didn't really wanna mess my diet up with.  I decided the best choice would be the quesadilla. I thought that it meant chicken quesadilla for some reason and was pretty sad to find out it was just cheese in a tortilla..oh well it still tasted good :). The 2 for 1 drinks were HUGE and the 6 of us were able to each get 1 drink on our own on the special.  I got a Mai Tai and it tasted amazing. We were all feeling the alcohol after leaving lunch. To the right is an idea of just how big these drinks were.  After lunch we went on the beach for a while and then it was off to get the next drink (told you my friends were alcoholics)!  We went to Fat Tuesdays which has the BEST frozen daiquires!  I got a mixture of strawberry and lemonade and it tasted great!  I was obviously not thinking very healthy in these drink decisions but I decided to take a break and have fun for a day off.  Also we drank a lot but I didn't eat too much so I figured that was a pretty good trade haha.  Overall it was a good weekend seeing friends and a great way to end the summer.

Sunday, some of my family from NJ was in town so we all got together at my Aunt's house for lunch.  She made a salad bar so I didn't have any problems sticking to the plan that day.  After the weekend I went pretty strict back onto weight watchers and hoped I would get a loss by today.  Since the weekend I did a few exercise classes and ran around the neighborhood (twice around which is farther than ever and I was able to run longer than ever too!)  Today was my last day of membership at the gym with all my exercise classes and I got to end on a happy note there for a couple reasons.  First it was my favorite class, cardio mix, and second because a lady who goes weekly to the class gave me a compliment on my weight loss.  When I walked into the exercise room she came up to me and said "I have not been to this class in a month and now I can really notice that you have trimmed down alot!" It was great and that is the SECOND person in that class who has said something to me!  It just feels that much better when someone you don't even know comes up and compliments the hard work!

Finally I went to the WW meeting and I lost 1.8 lbs! I was so very happy with that number considering my possible overuse of alcohol during the weekend.  It makes me more hopeful that I can keep this up when I go back to school and am faced with challenges of going out with my rowdy alcoholic friends on a weekly basis.

So this was a pretty long post but I had a lot to say so hope you enjoyed reading!  Oh and I'll post pics from the weekend when I upload them to my computer :)