Monday, July 16, 2012

1 Mile!

The last couple of days have not been anything out of the ordinary. Yesterday I went to my once a week step class.  One of my friends first introduced me to this class and now I go more often than her! I love this class because it's interesting, fun, and a great cardio workout! The first week I went to step, it was really for me because I didn't know any of the movements and when the instructor would say to do something I would get confused.  I have definitely noticed my improvements through this class because now I know all the moves and can follow along with the rest of the class. Every third Sunday, which was yesterday, the instructor mixes things up by having us do "multiple step." In this class instead of just using one step, everyone uses four steps set up in a square. It's a little bit more complicated but a cool change every once in a while.

Anyways, after that class I had a pretty lazy Sunday.  I got a code for a free Redbox movie so I went and picked up "A little bit of heaven." The movie was about a woman who finds out she has terminal cancer. It was ok but not the greatest. 
Today I decided to go on the treadmill for exercise.  Previously I have been able to almost run a full mile but I wanted to run the whole mile today.  I DID!! I was soo happy because even though a mile might not sound like much, I know its alot compared to where I started.  It took me 11 minutes to complete the mile and then after taking a few minutes walking break I ran another .6 miles! In total I did 2 miles in 25 minutes.  The more weight I lose and exercise I do, the easier running becomes.  I cannot wait until I am able to do even more!

Me post treadmill today

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