Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kickboxing, weigh in, and piercing pics

Hey blogger friends!

I have been MIA for the last week mainly because nothing too interesting has happened and I don't wanna bore you with the same topics over and over. I went to my usual gym classes and did a couple treadmill workouts this week.  One new class I went to this week was kickboxing yesterday with my one of my favorite instructors at the gym. Usually I can't go to this class because I always seem to be babysitting on Tuesday nights.  Since I wasn't babysitting I decided to go..and it was intense (which I expected). I love that the instructor uses all hip hop music though because it makes it more enjoyable for me and I found some great new songs to download!

On to other news, here's a random fact about me: Up until this summer, I did not have my ears pierced. I was pretty much the only 22 year old without a single piercing until my relative got me a pair of earrings as a graduation gift. I told her they were nice but I didn't have my ears pierced..her response was "well I guess you are gonna have to get them pierced!" hahah and we went to claires in the mall that night! So now I am finally able to take out the starter earrings and start trying on some new ones.  Today I tried on my first pair of was definitely weird seeing them in my ears.  Here are some pics of me with my brand new pierced ears :)
The earrings that caused my pierced ears
Getting ready to go out to dinner wearing the new earrings

Today when I tried on hoop earrings for the first time

Last but not least, its Wednesday so weigh in day again....I lost 3 lbs!!!!  YAYY so 33.4 total!  Also I updated my weign in section of the blog with a more complete week to week weight loss since the beginning of my journey so you can go check that out if you feel like it :)

Hopefully I'll have a more interesting week this week so I have something more to blog before the next weigh in.

Have a good rest of the week and weekend!

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