Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekly update with pictures!

I've been pretty busy now that school has started again but I'm gonna try and at least do a weekly update, hopefully more if anything interesting happens. 

So as far as school, in my anatomy class we started doing cadaver lab which happens twice a week.  It was kinda freaky when we first walked in and saw the bodies but once we got started cutting it wasn't that bad..actually kinda cool! I'm sure a lot of people can not imagine this statement actually being true but it was for me! Also I had that class where I was afraid because we were gonna have to take our shirts off.  It wasn't that bad because the teacher wanted us to practice our draping skills so I was able to wear a hospital gown and wasn't fully exposed from the waist up minus the sports bra.  I know we will probably not be using the draping too much but at least I am able to ease into this new kind of learning.

My exercise and diet routine have changed somewhat since going back to school.  It is definitely harder to make myself go exercise after being in a full day of classes. Even harder to make meals for myself. Hardest to wake up extra early in the morning and actually eat a good breakfast while also making a healthy lunch to take to school with me.  I've been doing pretty good with it so far but I'm nervous for later in the semester when the work starts piling on and it is much more tempting to stop the exercise and healthy eating.

As for exercise I have been trying out some of the group exercise classes offered at the UF gym.  I went to Zumba with two different instructors but I wasn't too happy with either one.  I think since I had such great classes over the summer, it's hard to like these since I dont think they are as good.  I have also been doing a lot of treadmill and stairmaster.  I am trying to get better with running but I can't seem to make myself run more than a mile! I need to get outside and run but it has been raining almost every day and it is super hot when its not!  Winter come faster!!

My last update for the week is my weekly weigh in which was yesterday.  I was kind of disappointed in the new weight watchers meeting last week but this week it was better so that was good.  What was also good was that I lost 2.6 lbs for a total of 45 lbs exactly!! So exciting!  I was happy to reach another 5 pound mark.  Later I went with friends to the country bar in town and it was fun.  I ran into a friend from classes last year in the bathroom there and we only spoke for about 10 seconds but she said I looked really good and I was happy!  I love getting all the compliments :-)

I haven't put many pictures but here are a couple that I have taken since being back at school and one at the bottom from the end of last semester before summer:

Me with the HUGE drink I got on South Beach that I talked about a few posts ago

Most recent picture from 8/24/12

Me on the right before starting Weight Watchers over the summer


  1. Congrats with your weight loss!That is so cool =)
    I have exactly the same issue with my exercise and lunch. It was so much easier when I was home all day.
    To make a healthy lunch early in the morning was for me really hard! So I actually started doing it at dinner time, where I already was cooking. Maybe it could work for you!
    Best wishes Line

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  3. Hey! Looking good congratulations on your weight loss!