Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday weekend craziness

So I wanted to blog earlier in the week to talk about my eventful weekend but I've been pretty busy packing all my stuff cause I'm moving back up to Gainesville on Saturday to start grad school! It's crazy and I'm trying to enjoy my last week of freedom while getting everything ready for the move.

But anyways, like I said previously my friend's 22nd birthday was Friday and some of our friends came down to south florida to celebrate for the weekend. We were planning on going to the beach on friday but there was tons of rain so we stayed in and just hung out for most of the day.  At night we went to Cowboys, which is a country club that recently opened up.  It was ladies night (get in free and drink free) so sounded good to us. It was fun but some of my alcoholic friends were not happy that they couldn't take their drinks on the dance floor like they can at the country bar in gainesville.  I stuck to rum and diet cokes through the night and felt good about that choice.

On Saturday we woke up late and ventured to South Beach for the day and luckily it was nice and sunny.  We headed straight to find a place for lunch and drinks and found a little cafe with 5.99 meals and 2 for 1 drinks.  Of course my friends were all over this..the only problem for me was the food choices for 5.99 were very limited and included things such as fried shrimp, pizza, hamburgers, and stuff I didn't really wanna mess my diet up with.  I decided the best choice would be the quesadilla. I thought that it meant chicken quesadilla for some reason and was pretty sad to find out it was just cheese in a tortilla..oh well it still tasted good :). The 2 for 1 drinks were HUGE and the 6 of us were able to each get 1 drink on our own on the special.  I got a Mai Tai and it tasted amazing. We were all feeling the alcohol after leaving lunch. To the right is an idea of just how big these drinks were.  After lunch we went on the beach for a while and then it was off to get the next drink (told you my friends were alcoholics)!  We went to Fat Tuesdays which has the BEST frozen daiquires!  I got a mixture of strawberry and lemonade and it tasted great!  I was obviously not thinking very healthy in these drink decisions but I decided to take a break and have fun for a day off.  Also we drank a lot but I didn't eat too much so I figured that was a pretty good trade haha.  Overall it was a good weekend seeing friends and a great way to end the summer.

Sunday, some of my family from NJ was in town so we all got together at my Aunt's house for lunch.  She made a salad bar so I didn't have any problems sticking to the plan that day.  After the weekend I went pretty strict back onto weight watchers and hoped I would get a loss by today.  Since the weekend I did a few exercise classes and ran around the neighborhood (twice around which is farther than ever and I was able to run longer than ever too!)  Today was my last day of membership at the gym with all my exercise classes and I got to end on a happy note there for a couple reasons.  First it was my favorite class, cardio mix, and second because a lady who goes weekly to the class gave me a compliment on my weight loss.  When I walked into the exercise room she came up to me and said "I have not been to this class in a month and now I can really notice that you have trimmed down alot!" It was great and that is the SECOND person in that class who has said something to me!  It just feels that much better when someone you don't even know comes up and compliments the hard work!

Finally I went to the WW meeting and I lost 1.8 lbs! I was so very happy with that number considering my possible overuse of alcohol during the weekend.  It makes me more hopeful that I can keep this up when I go back to school and am faced with challenges of going out with my rowdy alcoholic friends on a weekly basis.

So this was a pretty long post but I had a lot to say so hope you enjoyed reading!  Oh and I'll post pics from the weekend when I upload them to my computer :)


  1. Hey first of all congratulations on the weight loss!

    I find it complicated sometimes to go out to bars as I honestly feel a little bit ridiculous. For example the group from college I'm used to hang with always go to a beer bar where they get good beer and food for a pretty reasonable price. Unfortunately last time I was there with them I realized that neither their food nor beer was something that I was allowing myself to have so I just order a bottled water (becoming the target of every joke at the bar). It's not an issue when we gather at a house as if anyone makes a comment I just reply 'bite me' and that's it!

    And yeah it does feel good when people compliments you on your weight loss! It happens to me quite often specially with my family (I see them once every 2 months or sometimes more) and colleagues from college. Yesterday I ran into a colleague from college and did the math: previous time we saw each other I was almost 50 heavier!!!

    Anyways, congratulations again on your weight loss keep up the good work!


    1. thank you and that sounds like a good reply when people joke! If I wanna avoid drinking at the bar usually I offer to be the driver haha