Friday, September 7, 2012

football tailgating and weigh in

I can't believe its been another whole week! Time goes by so fast! UF had its first gator football game this weekend..luckily we won! Our team is not the best this year so I'm not sure how many more wins there will be.  Football games are really hard to stay on track eating wise for many reasons. Mainly the tailgate.  We went to our friend's apartment where they were tailgating for the game playing drinking games.  I probably had more beer than I should have..whoops :) We ended up staying there till it was time to go to the game and completely skipped lunch.  I guess I was still full from the beer so it wasn't that bad but luckily I brought an apple with me so I had something to eat on the walk to the stadium.  It was a 3:30 pm game and EXTREMELY hot in the stadium...we only lasted until less than halftime before we were so exhausted we had to leave.  I probably sweat off a lot of that beer while in the stadium..not kidding. So it wasn't a totally off diet day but definitely one that I did not fully follow my plan.
Go gators!
That is pretty much the only interesting thing I did this week but I did have a really successful gym session yesterday!  After class I had time before my weight watchers meeting at night so maybe I was extra motivated.  I was able to run for 15 minutes without stopping and about 1.5 miles!  I usually don't go this far before stopping so I was happy.  Then after that I went on the stairmaster at a higher level than I usually do for 15 minutes. I was dripping sweat at the end and felt good and exhausted at the same time.

Yesterday night I went to weight watchers and it was a good meeting.  Everyone was talking about all the successes they have had and what works for them and it was very enjoyable.  I really thought I wasn't going to lose a lot or any weight this week due to the football game and a few other questionable decisions but I lost 2.6 lbs!  So close to breaking that 50 lb loss now! I am looking better and feeling better every week now!  It is really noticeable in my clothing now..a lot of my clothes are loose and actually too loose to even wear anymore!  It is so weird!

All in all I've had a great week and I hope you have too!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Hey! Congratulations on the weight loss yaaay!!!

    Have a good one!


  2. I love when clothes start to feel looser. Congrats on your weight loss! Every step counts and you're on the right path!