Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend updates

So I've had a pretty good time this weekend.  On Friday I decided to do something a little different for exercise so I went to a local park and ran around the trail there. I did a few laps (about a mile) and then I did a lap using the exercise stations along the trail.  Some the the stations were easy and some were definitely harder. I tried my best and it was fun to do something different for a change.  At night I went to Hard Rock with my friend and we went out to a couple of the bars. When I first saw my friend she told me I looked really good and said she could definitely see changes.  I love getting comments like that! Keeps me motivated for sure!  So one bar, called Wet Willies, was a daiquiri bar and I got a frozen sex on the beach.  It was very tasty and probably very off diet but I sipped on it for most of the night so I only had the one.

Today I skipped my step class because I hurt my foot yesterday and it was throbbing this morning.  Soooo I knew it would be really painful to be stepping up and down for an hour on my foot. I took it easy today and tried to stay out of the kitchen so I wouldn't eat that much. Later in the day my foot was feeling better so I decided to run outside in my neighborhood. My neighborhood is a big loop that is about a 1.6 mile distance. Running outside is definitely harder than running on the treadmill but I think I did pretty good today compared to when I have ran outside toward the beginning of the summer.  So I ran around the loop once and then biked around twice.  Biking after the run felt SO GOOD because of the amazing breeze on my sweaty face. hahah overall great workout to end the weekend :)

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  1. Good job on all the exercise!! Have a great week!